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In the business of chemical and specialties manufacturing, the CEO is ultimately the responsible person - the one who must always have the right answer at the right time.

Leading a specialty chemical company today is especially demanding because of the pace of new questions and problems that constantly demand the CEO’s focus. Two examples --

      • Can you profitably market your premier products in the emerging countries of Eastern Europe? If you can, what is the best way to do so?

      • You have decided to sell your company. Should you sell to a financial or strategic buyer, or to an ESOP?

Faced with tough questions like these, an alert CEO will likely turn to his network. But he may have a hard time finding a non-competing colleague who can keep confidences and whose experience is a close fit with the problem at hand.

Why CSMC Was Founded

The diversity of problems facing a CEO was the original reason for the founding of the Chemical and Specialties Management Council back in 1965 - at a time when "networking" was still a novel idea. From its inception, the Council was designed to be a relatively small group of non-competing CEOs of chemical and specialties companies. In formal meetings and in more informal communications, the CEOs in the Council are free to air problems and issues and to find the solutions that bring the greatest benefit to their companies.

Who Is Eligible?

Eligibility for the Council is limited to the CEOs of privately owned or independently managed companies that have been in business for at least three years. Annual sales must be between $500,000 and $100,000,000 per year. The emphasis is on chemical and specialties manufacturing - more than 75% of sales must involve processing rather than resale.

Council Meetings

The Council meets three times a year, twice (in February and May) near a member’s plant, and once (September/October) at an upscale resort. The February and May meetings generally include the tour of a member’s plant. The four-day Fall meeting includes one or more invited speakers.

All three meetings give each member the opportunity to share openly the challenges and problems his company faces, and to offer his experiences and perceptions to other members. Because there is no significant competition among members, these tend to be "no holds barred" meetings where new ideas and aggressive solutions to problems flourish.

Outside of scheduled meetings, the activities of the Council continue throughout the year as members contact one another to tackle the issues, problems and challenges that are part of successful management of a small privately held business. We invite you to apply for membership.

In some 125 meetings since 1965, the Council has explored such topics as:

Valuing the Closely Held Business

Strategic Planning - A Team Process

Unconventional Sources of Financing

Compensation and Incentives

Merger and Acquisition Processes

Estate Planning

Relationship of the CEO to the Board of Directors

Tools and Concepts for Ethics Issues

Succession Planning for Small Business

The Tax Implications of a Purchase or Sale

Cost Control, Profitability and Pricing

Strategies for Coping with Environmental Issues

Compensation Trends and Alternative Motivation




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