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Who We Are

Chemical & Specialties Management Council (CSMC) was founded in 1965 in an effort to assist Chief Executive Officers of chemical and specialties manufacturing companies with challenging matters. In this business, the CEO is ultimately the responsible person - the one who must always have the right answer at the right time. Leading a specialty chemical company today is especially demanding because of the pace of new questions and problems that constantly demand the CEO’s focus. Two examples of these questions are below:

  • Can you profitably market your premier products in the emerging countries of Eastern Europe? If you can, what is the best way to do so?

  • You have decided to sell your company. Should you sell to a financial or strategic buyer, or to an ESOP?


When faced with tough questions like these, an alert CEO will likely turn to their network. However, they may have a hard time finding a non-competing colleague who can keep confidences and whose experience is a close fit with the problem at hand. It’s in situations like these where the Chemical & Specialties Management Council is a vital tool.

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